S2 Episode 7: INSPIRATION - How to Get It & Keep It

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Whether you're working on a new project or trying to complete that to-do list you made two weeks ago, inspiration to get in that mood is needed. Tapping into inspired energy can come easy for some and others struggle to maintain inspiration. No matter what category you fit into, we have some tips for you.

Lets start by defining inspiration. Inspiration is defined as to fill someone with confidence and desire to do or feel something, usually creative. Now, inspiration is not solely restricted to creatives, so this can be applied to your next career move, top dollar idea or your lunch menu for next week. Inspiration to achieve any goal or project is called on throughout the whole entire process. Whether its finishing your degree, or tomorrow's assignment, we all need that boost in inspiration to get the task started.

Finding inspiration may come to some quickly and others not so much. No matter how you go about finding inspiration, we have to some quick tips we wanted to share.

First, thing first, make sure you write everything down. You never know where your next great idea will spark from, so make sure you always have a pen and paper ready to go. Second, get into some nature! Nature has a lot of energy, as life is growing constantly there. Nature can bring all the good feels and even spark your stalled mind. Thirdly, sometimes we just have to accept that we don't have inspiration. That's okay maybe your body needs a break and we have to surrender to that. There's no harm in looking at things with well rested eyes. Who knows what will come of your well needed rest.

Tune into the episode to hear all the tips we shared and may your inspiration find you when you need it.

This weeks self-work (homework) assignment:

Write down in which areas of your life you feel like you always need inspiration. Whether its home work, self work, artistic work etc. Then, write out a bullet list of ideals that would be present while you’re getting the finest versions of this work done. Create something of a fantasy land and then create bullet points of realistic ways to get these things done so for an example (task for inspiration- cleaning my room; ideal - being left alone and bumping music; realistic - create a cleaning playlist and play your music as loudly as possible to shut everyone in your space out :) )

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