S2 Episode 6: 20/20 Vision - Issa New Year!

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

HAPPY 2020!

Its a New Year and we're feeling grateful, and reflective ready to tackle this upcoming year with all of our lessons of the past on our backs. Dive deep with us this episode as we unpack our 2019 and talk 2020 moods.

Anytime is a good time to turn over a new leaf, but there is something about the New Years that brings us to reminisce and think about what we yearn for in life.

Reflection is defined as a the production of a image by or as if by a mirror. This essentially means to look back at you. That is what the new year brings us all; a time to look back at ourselves and the choices we've made in life, or the ones life has inflicted upon us. The image or patterns we see looking back at us help us make decisions. Decisions about what we want next, what we need more or less of.

We believe reflection should be involved in your everyday life, but on the close of a decade, we encourage you to look back on your life. Things might come up that you once forgotten. Or you may even think of things you would like to manifest for the upcoming year. Either way invest in yourself by sitting down and thinking about the ways in which your journey has been going. Remember manifestation can be a tool used to gain your greatest desires. Your words, thoughts and actions hold powerful vibrations that can help the universe bring you good. Reflection can be a tool to help you narrow down your wants.

This weeks self-work (homework) assignment:

Reflect on your 2019 and the decade. Think about what you would like to manifest for 2020. What do you hope to accomplish? What do you wish to free yourself from? Maybe you have that one thing you’ve been dying to try out. Write it down. Then make a one year plan, then a 5 year plan. Dreams take time to unfold and blossom. Nothing was built overnight so it’s important to plan in order to see your dreams come true.

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