S2 Episode 2: Sex is a Distraction

This week we're talking all about the dating scene in this economy. It can be difficult to manage with how causal everything seems these days. We dissect some of those imaginary societal rules and how they've influenced us.

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We start off the conversation with the difference between dating and talking. Is there one? Or do you think they're the same thing. Whatever you're answer, its important to know for yourself, as it would be a useful tool when attempting to find companionship.

A key focus during this episode was TRANSPARENCY. While it is your choice to be transparent with your partner being transparent with yourself will assist you to know what you expect with dating or even in a relationship. Get to know yourself and what boundaries you need within your romantic relationships.

Remember dating can be a great experience to learn about what you like and dislike. A good opportunity to learn what your boundaries are. After all we don't really know until we try it out.

Another tip to remember is that energy lives on through every interaction we encounter. Even sexual ones, psht we think those may be one of the most intense kinds of energy exchange. So make sure you're practicing self awareness to when you share yourself with other. Stay STRAPPED and PROTECTED.


This weeks self-work (homework) assignment:

Reflect on all your past dating relationships experiences. Write down when, where and how you met. After you write those down, reflect on the overrall experience in that relationship. Were you happy/sad/angry? What was the emotional climate of the relationship? Then write down what your emotional state was like while you were in that relationship. If you are having difficulty remembering, what moments normally comes to mind when you think of that relationship? Then write about who you are today. Have you changed since then? What changes are you happy about? What changes do you want to see for your next relationship?

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