S2 Episode 9: Catch up- How you doing? Coronavirus; Right Brain/ Left Brain; Vegan Dick & More

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

As January comes to an end we take a calm glide into this week's episode to check in with each other and our listeners. From talks of taking accountability to the lessons, we learned in Morocco and a quick share of the books filling our minds. Tap in and find out which of us were stuck in the feels this week.

We dive deep into the conversation with this new coronavirus (now named COVID-19) first appearing in Wu Han, China. With 56 confirmed deaths, 2,000 confirmed cases in Wu Han, and cases being confirmed in Australia, France, the USA, and more, the anxiety of it all begins to spread through to us already. So we've decided to slow things down and provide a lighter episode.

During our check-in, one of us has caught the feels and you can feel the discomfort from both of us when it comes to romantic feelings. But we use the opportunity as a chance to reflect deeper on our relationships with the matter because that's what romantics do. We play with the idea of accountability and how much of it belongs to us, in romantic relationships, when things make a sudden left turn. Do we sit back and reflect on what actions, thoughts, or intentions we bring to the table of chaos? Or do we reflect only on how the chaos is affecting us?

The flow of conversation brought us back to our trip to Morocco and the cultural lessons we learned there. Stirring us right into talks of the books currently keeping us company, with Kenny reading The Body Keeps The Score by Bessel van der Kolk and Mia reading Homemade Aesthetics: Observation on Art and Taste by Clement Greenberg. Both books helped us gain more knowledge about self and how we identify on the right brain/left brain spectrum.

Our chatter enters some kinkier, turbulence throughout the rest of the episode, but we leave that for the ears and not the eyes, as it's funnier for the soul. We decide to skip the self work this week and just relax. However we did want to leave you with somethings to take home though.

Things to Take Home

  1. Cough/sneeze into your inner elbow to reduce the spread of germs.

  2. Celebrate small wins - whether its yours or your friends

  3. Left brain- logical, linguistic, sequential, analytical

  4. Right brain- intuitive, creative, emotional, visual, spatial, tactile

  5. "When you know, you know"

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