S2 Episode 16: Finding Your Morning Routine, Especially in Crisis Mode with COVID

This week we hone in on the importance of a routine. Reflecting on how our relationship with routines have shifted since the reign of COVID.

Whether you're spending all of your time at home or still out here servicing the community, your routine in the morning, or through out the day can have impacts on your day. Well at least, that is what we experience.

Figuring out the right routine for you may be tricky, take the time to get to know yourself and what makes you feel more relaxed and ready for your day. Remember that a routine can be anything from "wake up, drink water, brush teeth, shower, breakfast" to a blocking out times to meditate, journal or practicing to enhance your art. Whichever way feels more comfortable to you, go with that.

(Nnamdi Ibe on Routines and Traditions on a TEDx Talk)


  • Whether you go for a walk, dance your heart out, or stretch for minutes, move your body, FIND MOVEMENT.

  • You deserve to give yourself kindness through your words during this lock-down. So add a little sweetener in your self-talk and practice some self-compassion.

  • We often forget how powerful it can be to breathe before reacting. There is so much power in the BREATHE and remember to check in.

  • Checking in with yourself and your support groups during this time.

  • Before quarantine we were on our normal routine of life. Creating a new at home routine, can help you feel more structured.

  • If you’re working from home create your own work space that is only used for work. Be sure to leave it when clock out of the office.

This weeks self-work (homework) assignment:

Imagine a world where any rules were possible and the socially accepted idea of schedules and routine no longer existed. What type of life would you like to live? How will you make a living? Does it consume all of your time? Does it allow space for all of the levels of your life to be lived out in harmony? Think of this journal entry as a manifestation of what you want to experience in the near future.

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