S2 Episode 15: Intersectionality & COVID-check in, necessarily and obviously

Kimberle Crenshaw kicks off this weeks episode with an experiment highlighting the black bodies wrongfully stolen at the hands of law enforcement. Emphasizing the differences women face, simply for being of a certain gender and race, increasing the kings of prejudices being experienced.

Crenshaw coined the term intersectionality in 1989 after writing a black feminist critique on anti-discrimination. Crenshaws explains that structural oppression paves the way for the those of us being discriminated against based off race, also experience discrimination because of sex, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation and class. We thank Crenshaw for creating a term that allows others to understand the RANGE in which BIPOC can experience prejudice.

As we sit in quarantine and reflect on our interactions, we can further understand how the layers of who we are can be compromised when dealing with others.

(Kimberle Crenshaw presenting The Urgency of Intersectionality at a TED talk.)

This weeks self-work assignment:

Think about what identities you hold. Now reflect on how each individual identity has been treated given certain scenarios. So, for example, if you’ve ever felt uncomfortable as a woman, or as a trans person walking past a group of drunk whoevers, which identity/ies made were vulnerable in that situation. Or if you were hanging with your girlfriends, was it your identity as a straight woman or a gay male for example that made you feel secure? Or was it something else? Basically we want to get to the root of which identities are the most secure and which are more at risk, that way we can better assess how to help ourselves through our many presentations.

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