S2 Episode 14: Covid-19 Check-in

COVID-19 hit us all so hard and so quickly. We never saw it coming, so there was no real way to prepare for it. We find our days so stagnant, but so everchanging. That's why we find mental check-ins so necessary. Tune in to check-in with us and process your feelings!

This weeks self-work (homework) assignment:

We feel like covid is the perfect time to go down memory lane and replay your life from 2016 to now. Then reflect on each year and jot down any changes that happened in that period. Did you start a new job? Make new friends? Take any trips? How has any of those changes affected where you are now?

Then when you're ready, take a look at your 5-year plan and reflect on any changes you want to make to accommodate the current economic climate. If you're a new listener or haven't started your 5-year plan yet, now is the perfect time to start one.

Lastly, maximize the time and start something new.

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