S2 Episode 13: Black Hair, But Actually an Experience

From kinks to coils, to the swirls of our baby-hairs, and our sleeked back ponytails, black hair has nothing but RANGE. How each black woman relates to that range all vary with experience and relationship with internal and external forces. Tap in with us this episode to see how our experiences with these forces have shaped the RANGE we've come to love with our BLACK HAIR.

Black women and our hair hold a special kind of bond. The amount of nurture and care we put into maintaining our luscious hair follicles comes with a security ticket filled with self-love. Whether we style the latest laced front, feed-in cornrows, or passion twist, we dedicate the time, money, and effort to celebrate our latest version of ourselves with the world. Our journey with our hair begins to become apart of our life experience too.

The beauty standard tends to links hair with success and attraction, but we say hair is all about the expression of who you are. Sometimes we decide to go down the route of chemically altering our hair to get a certain color or change the texture which that can take us down a rabbit hole, or have us feeling like a million bucks. #newhairwhothis Other times we find ourselves ready to start over and we grab a pair of scissors and cut it all off and commit to starting a new journey. Whether we do the chopping or the coat our scalp with the creamy crack, as women we take a silent oath to tend to tresses because of the value it holds.

Hair also holds energy in a spiritual sense, as it is connected to the crown chakra. Our hair holds the energy we hold. When wearing protective styles and head wraps, we take on a form of protection of our energy, as we don't leave the hair follicle exposed. So we want to leave you with a tip to hold onto while you journey down life with your hair, PROTECT YOUR NECK.

*cues Solange- don't touch my hair*

This weeks self-work (homework) assignment:

Reflect on your hair journey. What changes have you made to your hair? Did it impact you physically, mentally, emotionally? What is your relationship like with your hair?

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