S2 Episode 12: BUY BLACK! Here's Why with Black Wall Street Facts & More!

Black wealth is hard to be circulated with the displacement of Black people across the country. Going back to Black Wall Street, the dollar in Tulsa used to get circulated 36x-100 a year. Today, it’s just about 6 hours before the Black dollar leaves the black community. That’s why buying black is so important.

This weeks self-work (homework):

Budget planning for the next 3 months. Write down all expenses and income, saving desires, trips, etc. Mia suggests using Google sheets as they have monthly budgeting templates. Be sure to tailor the template to your lifestyle, so that you work towards managing your finances.

The second part of the homework is more relaxing and fun. List out all of your debts by name and without the numerical value of them (ie. Citibank credit, tuition, rent, groceries). When we say debt we mean it all too, from your needs to your wants, so be sure to include your weekly indulgences. From that bottle of wine to the sushi you've splurged on twice last week. After you've listed them all draw all the money you believe you need at this moment to clear that debt. It can be any currency, any value, bills, or coins. Give yourself all you feel you need and then some.

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