How to Get Your Passport and NYC ID

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

One of the things that makes being a grown up so damn complicated are all these required documentation. But for every rule, there’s a reason, and I’m sure you know, but the importance of having a passport and your NYC ID lies in whether you’re about to be out, or whether you’re staying your ass home.

If you wanna be out, but don’t know how to get your passport and NYC ID, read the below:

How to Get Your Passport:

Whether you’ve never had a passport or need to renew one, the process is pretty much the same. Here's a list of what you’ll need:

- A 5”-7” photo of you- can be done at CVS, or any place that says passport photo.

- Proof of citizenship- Your original birth / naturalization certificate or Social security card if you don't have a copy

- Photo ID- Drivers License/permit or

- Payment Fee (varies depending on needs)

- DS-11 Form (new passports or

- DS-82 (renewing passport -this form is only used when your passport has recently expired. If your passport is damaged/lost/stolen, issued 15 or more years ago/ before your 16th birthday, filed under a different name and you do not have any proof of the change then you will fill out a DS-11

Local passport acceptance facility such as library, post office, or county courts. Please note some post offices require an appointment. Find some passport acceptance facilities here

It’s good to give yourself enough time to receive your passport as the process can take about 4-6 weeks after your appointment. There are ways you can expedite your passport, but you must provide proof of travel and pay extra, of course. Expedited passports are only allowed for travel done within the next two weeks or immediate life or death emergency.

How to Get your NYC ID:

Getting this new ID is swanky for more reasons than one. You can snag deals, and even get free access to museums. If you love NYC perks, here’s how to get that ID:

With the IDNYC online portal you can:

- Select your language: English, Español (Spanish), 简化字 (Chinese), Русский язык (Russian), Kreyòl Ayisyen (Haitian Creole), 한국어 (Korean), বাংলা(Bengali), and لعربية (Arabic).

- Read our application instructions including, eligibility and document requirements.

Fill out and submit our application form online, so you won’t have to complete any paperwork when you come to the enrollment center for your appointment.

- Select the documents you are going to bring to the enrollment center on the day of your appointment.

- Schedule or reschedule an appointment for an enrollment center.

- Check your application status.

- Send IDNYC a message if you never received your card in the mail.

You can still fill out and submit your application at an enrollment center:

Confirm you have the correct documents to apply. The IDNYC program uses a point system to determine if applicants are able to prove identity and residency in New York City. You will need three (3) points worth of documents to prove your identity and a one (1) point document to prove your residency. All applicants applying independently must provide photo identification and a document with your date of birth listed. To determine what documents you can submit, use the IDNYC Document Calculator. If you are also applying for the IDNYC U.S. Veteran Designation, you will need one additional document to prove your veteran status. Consistent with the City of New York’s definition of veteran status, the IDNYC Veteran Designation is available to all veterans who have served in the active military service of the United States and who have been released from such service otherwise than by dishonorable discharge. View the list of documents that IDNYC accepts.

Applications will be available at the Enrollment Centers. Applications are available in more than 25 languages.

Find an enrollment center near you. There are enrollment centers across the City. See the full list of enrollment centers or go to the IDNYC map in order to find directions to the nearest enrollment center. You must apply for your card at an enrollment center with an appointment. HRA will not accept any applications by mail and HRA will not be responsible for any documentation submitted by mail.

The Enrollment Process: When you visit an enrollment center, you will be asked to submit your application and documents proving identity and residency. Your photo will be taken that will be included on the card. All of your original documents will be returned to you immediately when the enrollment process is complete. Your IDNYC card will be mailed to your home in 10-14 business days. If you do not have an address or have security concerns about an address appearing on your IDNYC card, you will be able to pick up your card at the Enrollment Center where you applied 15 business days later.

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