Episode 9: Reassuring Yourself in Times of Self-Doubt & Setting Boundaries in Your Friendships

Updated: May 13, 2019

Ever feel like you can't balance your personal and social life? Learning how to balance relationships can seem tough in the midst of everything else we do. This week we give tips on how we manage to keep our friendships blooming and full of love, respect, and loyalty.

Take Home Messages:

- Whether it's a friend you speak to everyday or one that you check in every couple of months, ALWAYS make time for your friends.

- Vent out your concerns! All of your relationships should feel like a safe space for you to express how you feel about anything. Whenever you think you're entering a space that no longer serves you, it may be time to think about boundaries.

- It's OKAY to say "hey I just need to be heard." Not every vent session needs to end with "well here is what I think." Sometimes we just need to let off some steam and that's perfectly normal. Just give your friend that heads up.

- EMPATHY! EMPATHY! EMPATHY! Is one of the most important skill a friend can have during times of disagreement. Remember, we all perceive relationships differently, and we never know when our actions can hurt someone.

- DON'T BE DISMISSIVE! No one wants to feel like their feelings are invalidated, especially someone you care about.

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