Episode 6: Over-Extending Yourself - Doing the Most & How to Do the Least

Updated: May 7, 2019

Doing the most is a skill we are ALL guilty of having practiced a bit too much of, and ultimately, we pay the price. This episode we’re diving into energy exertion and talking about how to do the least for a healthier mental health impact.

Tips & Takeaways:

- Learn how to say NO

- Carve out time for yourself

- Create and prioritize your schedule

- Beware of energy vampires! Some people know you're doing a lot and will still ask you to juggle more. STAY CAUTIOUS!

- Over-extending ourselves with family and friends is the WORST because we don’t want to let them down, but in turn, we ultimately let ourselves down by committing to doing something we don’t even want to do. Then, when we ultimately end up not doing something for ourselves. It creates unnecessary resentment. Again, LEARN HOW TO SAY NO!

- A lot of the time, when we do things we don’t want to do for other people, we never put our best foot forward. Because when you are, you usually go off in the creativity department when you’re excited about something. But, by not putting your best foot forward, your ruining your own reputation and if you get feedback from the people you’re doing things for, you might begin on a path of self-doubt, when really you should be tapped in with what you want to do from the jump.

Listen to the Episodes for more ways to know if you're doing the most and for more tips on how to simmer it down!

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