Episode 20: Well Wrap it Up Then

Season 1 has come to an end and we both have something to say about it.


Season 1 was TOO much fun. It was foundational not only in its topics but as a journey for my best friend and me overall. We truly started this with our growth in mind, and to have found an audience who cares about self-growth and awareness just as much as we do is inspiring and pushed me to care about topics that interest me even more.

Our mental health changes from day-to-day and year-to-year, so to learn with you all was truly a blessing. I was tested in ways that challenged my time management and speech deliverance and I could have never gotten that at any company. Overall, I just want to thank you all for rocking with us. Off-season was fun, and season 2 will be EPIC.


Overall this season has shown me how to practice exactly what I preach. The start of season one was filled with so much excitement and momentum that carried its way all the way to the end. Learning and unraveling more layers of truth and guidance for myself has truly been a pleasure, no matter how difficult because it meant I got to share a piece of that with all of you. Season one has really taught me about boundaries and how self-care is holding others and myself accountable to those boundaries. Life does not stop to help us heal so finding balance and setting your limits are healthy ways to maintaining a DOPE ASS self-care routine! The last thing I have to say about season one is that self-care is loving yourself harder than you ever could because you deserve all the love you need.

THANK YOU!!!!!!! <3

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