Episode 12: Being Brown in the Workplace

Being Brown in the workplace is no easy feat. With diversity being the end game, we find ourselves in situations with people of different cultures and having to explain the "why" behind what we do and why we do it.

Aside from having to over-explain who we are, we sometimes find ourselves ridiculed with hate, envy, or down-right confusion.

Kenny often finds herself in spaces where she isn't a rarity and has many co-workers of the same color who understand who she is as a person. However, Mia has found herself in predominantly white spaces and often in awkward positions being so.

From questions to vulgarity, Brown people, mostly women, find themselves in a space where they feel the need to be defensive to maintain self-righteousness and pride. How does this impact you?

Do you know your rights as an employee to a safe working environment? What about when things actually happen? DO you know what the next step is?

Well, we've been through some experiences that might be able to give you insight on what options you can take next.

Listen up. Tap in. Send questions. We're digging deep this episode.

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