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The Black New York works to become a healing and growth outlet for our listeners. With us, being Black women from one of the most diverse cities in the world, New York City, we offer the perspective on what it’s like to be a Millennial there. we have conversations on what mental health struggles come with oppression and how to grow from them. They tackle topics about physical and mental health, beauty, fitness, Amerikkka, culture shifts, and self-care.


The Black New York will also help our listeners find ways to cope and decompress with the abundant of life changes through wellness. They hope to provide a space where the listeners can learn self-acceptance and access to a community that is for us, by us, and allowing their listeners a chance to feel validated and be heard.


Tune in for your dose of get-right.

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Libra. 1994. 


Mia Simone, a gal from Flatbush, Brooklyn, continues to thrive in her home city today at 24 years old. She is extremely passionate and vocal about civil injustices and finding solutions to everyday personal issues. In every room she brings a bubbly, friendly, and enthusiastic energy which helps enhance her idea generating abilities. Her professional career is made up about 3 years of Digital Marketing experience and 2 years of customer service. Having work experience at both a Fortune500 company and a startup, she can easily adapt to any work style, culture or team.


When she is not keeping up with digital trends, she is a traveler and a self-care enthusiast. She has been to cities all over North America, as well as cities in Europe and Asia. Her list of where to go next gets longer and longer everyday.

She also runs an exclusive forum on her site Word of Mathis (www.wordofmathis.com) where approved users can discuss topics of interest to dissect things on an intimate and respectful platform. Her goal is to keep conversation moving forward and focusing on self-growth through it all.


She wishes to be a leader in the Black digital space promoting self-care and awareness. Mia is also currently building a space for Millennial Dog Mom’s to spread awareness on the benefits to feeding your dog a whole-food diet. Stay tuned for more information on what she’s doing next!

You can reach her at miamathis94@gmail.com or on Instagram @simmymats.


Aries. 1994.



Kennysha Lyte is an Afro-Latina Brooklyn native who goes by the name of Kenny. Kenny is a 24-year-old woman who’s grown to dedicate her life to helping people. Kenny’s passions involve mental health, civil rights, and women’s rights. Kenny has a warm, welcoming positive vibe which has guided her to enter the world of social work, almost two years ago. This path has not only allowed her passions to strengthen but also to set out to help heal those affected by the injuries of the world.

During time off Kenny indulges in self-care practices. Kenny can be found writing anything from music, to poetry, or the mind's thoughts. Kenny believes in the arts as a form of therapy and is learning to play the guitar. Kenny dreams of establishing her own practice in hopes of becoming a licensed mental health counselor. Follow her journey @nyshaa4 (Instagram) or send her some mail at Kennysha.lyte14@gmail.com

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The opinions on this podcast are based on our individual experiences with life and research. Our opinions by no means is a substitute for a relationship with a licensed therapist/counselor. We’re just trying to share our gems with you, gems.